Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Unity Sextet

by The Unity Sextet

I am very much a neophyte when it comes to jazz music, and don't really feel like taking the time to work my way systematically through the masters, or even to spend hours reading up on different artists and groups on the internet.  Instead, I take a pretty piecemeal approach to educating myself, and I place a lot of trust in a couple of music gurus that work in stores around the city.

Someone recommended this album by The Unity Sextet, and I love it.  It's traditional jazz, with a bit of a spacey element introduced by the use of 'electronics', so credited in the liner notes.  I don't know if any of these six artists, Junior Oliver, Buddy Franco, Fat Thumbs Ronnie, Cassisu Farquhar, Chuck Waldron, or Fats Young Jr. are known quantities in the jazz world (with names like those, they sound like they could be as fabricated as the members of Madlib's Yesterday's New Quintet), but I do know that their work together here is terrific.

Favourites out of the thirteen tracks include 'Right Now!', 'Do Me A Fredo', and the closer, 'Until Next Time...'.  I cannot recommend this album enough.

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