Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Li'l Depressed Boy #10

Written by S. Steven Struble
Art by Sina Grace

I worked at a movie theatre for two weeks when I was in high school (for the record, I quit, they didn't fire me, mostly because I objected to being scheduled during the day when I had school, but the general stupidity of the place mitigated the whole thing) so I could relate to the stunned look on the LDB's face as he went through the motions of cleaning up popcorn and ripping tickets.

It's been a little while since we've seen the LDB, so it's nice to have a new issue of this comic, even if it's a little disjointed.  LDB starts his new job, passes out, and then goes to a concert.  Later, listening to music, he either flashes back to a summer camp experience or imagines one - that part is unclear.

There is a cameo by the rapper Childish Gambino, who is really the actor Donald Glover from Community.  I haven't listened to his music, so can't comment on how his persona is portrayed here.

As much as I still get lulled by the charm of this comic, I fear I'm getting a little bored by it.  It's nice to see that in this issue LDB is living up to his name a little more, but at the same time, that means that a nice, gentle character is miserable.  Of course, that's what we read fiction for - so we can feel better about our own lives.

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