Saturday, April 28, 2012

The New Deadwardians #2

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by INJ Culbard

I find I'm really liking this Vertigo mini-series.  Dan Abnett has constructed an alternate history where, we learn this issue, in 1861, a plague of zombies (or 'Restless', as they are called in the story) overwhelmed England.  Many of the upper class felt it necessary to take 'The Cure' in order to protect themselves - this turned them into 'Young', which we know as vampires.

Now, it's 1910, and a vampire's body has been found, and it appears that he was murdered in some fashion other than the only three ways in which one can kill a vampire.  This has our main character, Chief Inspector George Suttle, rather confused.  When it turns out that the deceased undead is Lord Hinchcliffe, an advisor to the crown, then there is a strong need to solve the case quickly and quietly.

Abnett is taking his time with this story, examining various aspects of this society, where 'Brights', or regular people, are confined to menial tasks and a lower place in society.  It seems that British class dramas are making a resurgence on television with Downtown Abbey, and I like that Abnett is playing within that genre.  I also appreciate that he has not chosen (so far at least) to turn this into a Jack the Ripper related comic; that has been done to death.

INJ Culbard's art works nicely with this story.  He has a good sense of the period.

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