Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Haunt #23

Written by Joe Casey
Art by Nathan Fox

I suppose that long-standing fans of this comic would have been happy to see that the focus of this issue returns to the Kilgore brothers, who have always been the stars of the book, but I was a little sad to see that Still Harvey Tubman, the best of many changes that Joe Casey and Nathan Fox have brought to the series, was relegated to a supporting role again.

One of my favourite things about reading Haunt is the letters page, where people who claim that the McFarlane/Kirkman/Capullo issues of this comic were among the best comics they've ever read attempt to find some positive things to say about Casey and Fox's revamp, before declaring that it's not for them.  I can understand that - the change in tone, aesthetic, and pace of the book is pretty drastic (based on comparisons to the first trade, which is all I've read of the old guard) - but their railing against innovation is still kind of funny.  I like some pretty traditional and unoriginal comics too, but there's nothing I'd be happier with than this type of comic becoming the norm at Marvel or DC.

Anyway.  This issue has the living Kilgore, Daniel, return to the church where he was nominally a priest when the series began, only to reveal to us all that it was always connected to this strange Second Church that attacked and kidnapped Daniel when Casey and Fox came on the scene.  There are now weird bug creatures crawling around the church, and a giant fire being has been rampaging through the city, also sent by the Second Church.  I'm still not too clear who these guys are, or why Casey loves fringe techno-religions so much, but it's all making this comic a pretty cool read.

Fox's visuals continue to be nuts - so much so that it's a little hard to follow the comic at times (like when the ship crashed into the shore).  Still, this comic is very exciting to read.

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