Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Infinite Horizon #6

Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Phil Noto

The Infinite Horizon has been a very cool mini-series.  Sure, it's easy to just complain about how many years it's taken for the series to be completed (for the record, less than Gutsville and Pirates of Coney Island), but now that it has finished, and presumably will soon be available in trade for people who waited, or perhaps hadn't even been comics readers when the series began, it's better to take a look at the work as a whole.

This series has been a loose adaptation of The Odyssey, set in a not-too distant future, where the world has suffered from environmental collapse, and the American government has fallen.  The nameless hero, and his squad of soldiers, have been stranded overseas by a government that can not afford to bring them home.  Their journey takes many years, and places them up against a number of challenges, such as a Russian supersoldier (standing in for the Cyclops), pirates, and a dangerous cult (representing Sirens).

Meanwhile, at home, the hero's wife and child have been trying to fend off people looking to take over the family farm in the Catskills, which has the only access to clean water in the surrounding area.

Now, with this final issue, our hero has finally made it home, and is looking to free his family and his land.  It's a brutal chapter, but necessarily so.  The ending is kind of obvious from the beginning, but that does not make it any less satisfying.

I don't know if Gerry Duggan has written any other comics (am I right in thinking that he works in television?), but I would happily buy something else with his name attached to it after this.  Phil Noto has always been an artist that I admire, and while this issue may feel a little rushed in places, he continues to impress.  Get the trade for this - you'll like it.

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