Friday, December 9, 2011

iZombie #20

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Michael Allred

Sometimes this comic can be accused of being a little slow moving, or having not much happen in any given issue, but neither accusation can be tossed at the title this month.

In this issue, after spending a lot of time hiding out from the Dead Presidents (a government team of supernatural agents), Gwen is discovered.  Scott gets abducted by Amon, for reasons we don't know, and Ellie continues to fall for the mysterious Frankenstein-like creature she found recently.  She also meets the vampire that was looking after him in the university lab.

Roberson has spent a lot of time introducing and developing a number of colourful characters in this book, and has kept his major plot more or less secret.  We know that there is some kind of large conflict between Amon and Galatea (the woman who created the Frankenstein guy), but we don't yet know what it's all about, or what Gwen's role in this is supposed to be.

I've found this book to be pretty intriguing, as monster movie cliches are mashed into a hipster, slacker-ish setting.  Michael Allred is the perfect artist for this book.

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