Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Until Tomorrow

by Zara McFarlane

I'm not going to pretend to be even a little bit qualified to discuss jazz music.  I've not put much time into learning about it, and many of the genre's high points are not known to me.  I do know when I like something though, and I absolutely love this album.

I was poking around the store where I buy my music - a much more difficult proposition since the best music store in the city closed back in the summer - when the proprietor put this on.  It took less than the first minute of the first track for me to be spellbound by McFarlane's voice, and I immediately bought the album.

Until Tomorrow has ten tracks, all of which are written or co-written by McFarlane.  As well, she does much of her own producing and arranging, something we are told is incredibly rare in the liner notes.  This is an old school, loungy jazz, yet with a very modern aesthetic.  McFarlane's voice is a precision instrument, and her accompanists back her perfectly.

This album is very accessible, and is one of the best that I've heard all year.

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