Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book Vol. 1

by Terry Moore

I know I'm very late in coming to this comic, but I'd never thought it would interest me before, for much the same reasons that I've never read Love and Rockets.  It just never seemed like my thing, but I really enjoyed Moore's Echo, and I'm always looking to expand what 'my thing' is when it comes to comics.

These Pocket Editions are a great way to read Strangers in Paradise.  This first volume contains sixteen issues of the series - the three-issue first volume, and the first thirteen issues of the second.  The series revolves around a strange love triangle.

Francine has trust issues.  Her relationship with Freddie Femurs (the fourth point on the triangle, if that makes sense) has gone nowhere, and Francine would be a total mess if it weren't for her best friend Katchoo (Katina Choovanski).  The problem is that Katchoo has a very secretive past, and is herself in love with Francine.  Then David enters the picture.  He's madly in love with Katchoo, and she is beginning to have feelings for him too.

Then Katchoo's past begins to catch up with her, in the form of a gangster madam who is looking for some missing money.  Lots of other things happen in this comic, but that's the very condensed explanation of things.

This book moves wildly from light comedy to serious drama, often unpredictably.  Any scene with Freddie, who despite being engaged to someone new, still has feelings for Francine, becomes ridiculous in no time, but other parts of the book can shift quickly from one extreme to another.  There are some lengthy prose sections which I think really took from my enjoyment of the book, but otherwise, I think the Strangers in Paradise have found a new fan, and I've found a new series to collect.

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