Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heart #2

Written by Blair Butler
Art by Kevin Mellon

Heart is a surprise.  Normally, I would have no interest in a comic about the world of mixed martial arts.  The actual sport holds no interest for me, ranking somewhere around Nascar and scrapbooking on the list of pursuits I hope to never learn anything about, yet there is something very compelling in Butler and Mellon's story about a young man who is driven to push himself physically and mentally to go as far as he can in this world.

This issue covers the beginning of Oren's professional career, as he decides to pursue what began as a hobby full time (quitting his job over his haircut makes it a little more easy to spend time in the gym).  What motivates Oren so far seems to be the pursuit of the endorphin rush he got after winning his first bout, although I have to expect that there may be a little more going on than that.

One thing that has surprised me so far, in the portrayal of Oren and his 'team', is the utter lack of female characters in this book.  I'm not suggesting that a female writer would necessarily need to have female characters in order to fully communicate her story, I just assumed that so many straight guys in peak physical condition would attract a certain element of female to them, and so far, that is utterly lacking here.

I'm enjoying Mellon's stripped down art as much as I am the story.  I'm sure actual fans of the sport would enjoy this comic much more.

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