Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skullkickers #12

Written by Jim Demonakos, Kyle Stevens, Jim Zubkavich, Howard Tayler, and Zach Weiner
Art by Joe Ng, Joel Carroll, Mike Luckas, and Ben McSweeney

I really like the way that, between story arcs, Jim Zubkavich invites his friends over to play with his toys for a single issue.  This time around, there are four 'tavern tales', which give us some different views into the adventures of our two heroes.

The entire concept of Skullkickers is pretty versatile.  They are fighters for hire.  One is tall, bald, and carries the only firearm in the world (I think).  The other is short, hairy, and swings his axe as often as he gets drunk (which is a lot for both).  They go places, and invariably, stuff happens.  Sounds like the basis for a lot of good stories, doesn't it?

The stories here run the gamut from a little too cutesy to stories that match the usual tone of this series very well.  I particularly liked the first story, which has our duo getting involved in a medieval battle of the bands which is more literal than you would think.  The drum-armour is brilliant.  I also enjoyed the last story, where our heroes have to kill a woman who is so beautiful, that all previous assassins were unable to complete the job (but none of them were dwarfs).

It's good stuff, but I look forward to the next story arc, which begins in the next issue.

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