Thursday, November 3, 2011

Witch Doctor #4

Written by Brandon Seifert
Art by Lukas Ketner

The first (and luckily not last) Witch Doctor mini-series ends with a much clearer picture of who Dr. Morrow really is, and what his relationship with other mystics, is like.  When we last saw the good doctor and his team, they were being pursued by fishpeople in an abandoned aquarium, and in a framing sequence, the doctor was being interrogated by what seemed to be a mystical medical board.

Both of those plots are resolved in this issue, as Morrow's knowledge of bizarre bacteria leads to a solution for the fishpeople situation, and the promises of prophecy help him with the other issue.  What makes this series work, and different from comics in a similar vein (like BPRD, Criminal Macabre, or even DC's new Frankenstein) is the medical aspect of things.  Dr. Morrow views creatures as infections or diseases, and so takes a doctor's approach to the problem in a way that Dr. Strange never did.  It works very well here.

Witch Doctor is worth sampling.  The trade of this series will come out in December, as will a one-shot comic that will help tide us over before the next mini-series begins in 2012.  There is a lot to like about this comic, and I haven't seen it get a lot of internet love.  That should change.

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