Sunday, November 13, 2011

Castor, The Twin

by Dessa

Normally, when you hear that a much respected musical artist is releasing a new album that contains mostly previously released material, you start to wonder why they are trying to cash in on their past, and you start to think that they are out of ideas.

When Dessa does this, as she does on her newest disc, Castor, The Twin, you instead think about how lucky you are as a fan.  For this album, Dessa has revisited her previous gems, and has reworked them for live instrumentation.  Her wonderful voice is joined by bass, piano, guitar, drums, vibraphone, viola, violin, and mandolin, recasting her work in a warmer, more lived-in light.  And it's fantastic.

All the favourites are here - 'The Chaconne', 'Mineshaft' one and two, 'Into the Spin', 'Dixon's Girl', 'Palace', and '551'.  Dessa's voice sounds as rich as ever, and her intelligent, piercing lyrics are highlighted by the new arrangements.  Dessa is easily the most intelligent and literary rapper/singer in the business, and on this disc she continues to push the boundaries of the genres she often gets pigeonholed in.

There is a new song on here as well, 'The Beekeeper', which is very nice.  I do feel like this album would have benefited greatly from having one of the Doomtree crew show up.  I would have loved to hear POS join her on 'Dots & Dashes', but really, I'm not going to complain when I feel like this disc is such a gift to fans.

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