Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Unwritten #21

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross, with Vince Locke

'Leviathan', the Moby Dick-inspired latest story arc continues with this issue, as Tom finds himself trapped in Melville's enormous novel, and his friends in the real world meet the creepy puppeteer that's been poking around the title for a few issues.

By far the most interesting parts of this comic are the ones set in the novel (the decision to have Vince Locke do the finishes for those pages was a very wise one - it signals to the reader where we are, and looks great).  Tom does not understand why Captain Ahab appears to be his father, and his attempt to confront him on that matter doesn't go well, although it does lead to an interesting conversation with Frankenstein's monster in the hold of the Pequod.

The best issues of Unwritten have been the ones that are most concerned with famous stories, and I think that's why this one is working well for me.  Tom is beginning to figure out some of the abilities he wields, although he still does not understand his purpose.

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