Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeding Ground #3

Written by Swifty Lang
Art by Michael Lapinski

Things are becoming a lot clearer as Feeding Ground continues.  It's a very cool comic about a Mexican coyote (someone who helps people cross the border into the United States), his family, and Blackwell, a company that appears to be run by werewolves, who have set aside a good deal of farmland along the border, and which preys on the people that try to cross.

In this issue, the coyote is reunited with his family, who have to cross the border after the events of last issue.  The problem is that their daughter is very sick after what happened to her in the first issue, and is making their flight difficult.  We also see a lot more of what is going on at Blackwell.

This is an interesting book.  I think the decision to make the covers so "Mexican" is an interesting one - it doesn't give any idea of what is happening in the comic, but at the same time, it is what originally attracted me to the title.  The art inside is decent if still a little stiff, and I do find myself struggling to follow the story at times.  Still, I find this to be an enjoyable comic.  The fact that the same story is printed on the flip side, but in Spanish, is pretty cool too.

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