Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweets #4

by Kody Chamberlain

I'd started to worry when I'd see this book, although it's worth the wait.  Chamberlain has given us an interesting police procedural, and I've been curious to see where it was all going.

As the last issue ended, our two detectives were in a car accident with their chief suspect in the Sweets murders.  Now, the surviving cop learns that there may be a connection between this murderer and his own dead daughter, who had died in a car accident.  Of  course, he goes a little nuts, and heads off to find the killer himself.

What keeps this comic from being just another run of the mill cop comic is the way Chamberlain has played with the reader.  First, there are the strange flashback sequences that supposedly let us know why the killer is the way he is.  Next, there's the neatness of the whole thing - the Detective knows that life doesn't wrap up the way this case seems to be, and is suspicious.

One complaint I have is that for a story supposedly taking place immediately before Hurrican Katrina is supposed to hit New Orleans, there is surprisingly little reference to the storm.  I would have assumed that by this point, despite the fact that no one knew how bad the storm would be, that it would be a frequent topic of conversation.  It's not mentioned in this comic at all.  I do look forward to seeing how Chamberlain is going to wrap all of this up, and I hope it's satisfying.

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