Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Tooth #31

by Jeff Lemire

Once again, Sweet Tooth does not disappoint.  Jeff Lemire is constantly finding new challenges for Gus and his group of traveling companions.

When this issue opens, Gus has been kidnapped by Dr. Singh, who has become obsessed with going to Alaska to solve the mystery of Gus's birth (or creation).  Mr. Jeppard has been taken prisoner by some wild backwoods type, who has a small hybrid in a birdcage.  This guy thinks he knows Jeppard from somewhere (and it's not from his hockey career).  The rest of the gang are being held captive by Walter, the man who lives in the dam where they have been staying lately.  Of course, his name is not Walter, and he's a total psychopath who seems to have a particular interest in Becky.

This series often carries with it a certain level of menace, and like some of the better plotlines in The Walking Dead, it's when the characters begin to feel safest that things go seriously wrong.

Jeff Lemire has become one of the most feted writers in DC's New 52 stable, yet I don't hear much love for this series from anyone beyond its already devoted fans.  Anyone who is enjoying Animal Man should be checking this out.

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