Sunday, March 11, 2012

iZombie #23

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Michael Allred

It's all about convergences this month.  Xitulu, an elder god previously worshiped by a South American tribe before the Spanish contacted them, is about to return to Earth, and Galatea, the Bride of Frankenstein-looking woman who has been lurking around this book for months is hoping to hasten him along.

This brings just about every character in the book (except for the grandfather chimp and Dixie the diner owner) up onto a mountain to either help Galatea or stop her.  The Fossor Corporation has joined up with the Dead Presidents, but they are held up by Koschei, the Frankenstein-like monster who works for a Russian brain in a coffee maker.  Amon has brought Scott along to help him, although that would involve a rather involuntary sacrifice on Scott's part.  The Phantasm, the ghostly crimefighter currently inhabiting the body of Scott's would-be boyfriend shows up, and much chaos ensues.

Gwen, meanwhile, finally begins to make some decisions for herself.  This book feels like it's moving towards a climax, and I'm wondering how much is going to be left in this run.  Roberson has slowly moved away from the book's original aesthetic (hipster monsters), but the series continues to be pretty interesting, and beautifully illustrated by Michael Allred.

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