Saturday, March 3, 2012


by Black Truth Rhythm Band

Looking for something new to listen to a little while ago, I took a chance on Ifetayo, the recent re-release of the 1976 album by the Black Truth Rhythm Band.

The band only put out the one album.  They were a Trinidadian group, whose music was equally influenced by Latin music, American funk, and the rhythms of Afro-beat.  The seven tracks on this thirty-four minute recording are excellent.

Unlike most of these archival re-releases, Soundway includes almost no information about the group, their goals, or why they didn't continue to record.  There is a photo of a newspaper article about them (dated August 1973), but it's not clear what paper this is from, or even where it was written.

I believe that the track listing on the back of this album is incorrect.  The first track, 'Kilimanjaro' is listed as being the fourth, and the times don't match up for the others.  This is not a big deal, but it always bugs me...

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