Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Vampire #25

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

The 'Death Race' arc finishes off this issue with a few surprises.  For the last three issues, we've watched as Travis Kidd, a new character to the series, has been hunting the vampire who was responsible for the death of his family - our old friend Skinner Sweet.  Kidd's whole story, but for the fateful night when his family was killed, was shown to us in flashback while he and Sweet engaged in a lengthy race across the California desert in '50s cars.

In this issue, Travis and Skinner confront each other face to face, and we learn that Travis is much more resourceful than we were otherwise led to believe, finding new uses for the gold that is so poisonous to Sweet.  That's not the end of the surprises though, as Hobbes, the leader of the vampire-hunting organization shows up before the fight is over.  Also, at the end of the issue, we get to catch up a little with Henry and Pearl, who are more or less the main characters of this comic, even though we often go months without seeing them.

American Vampire is always a good read, and this issue is no exception.  Rafael Albuquerque's art continues to impress and surprise with each and every issue.

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