Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heart #4

Written by Blair Butler
Art by Kevin Mellon

More and more lately, I find it's good policy to sample just about everything that Image is publishing, unless I know for certain that I'm going to hate it.  I don't watch G4TV (I'm not even sure if I have access to that channel or not), and only know of Blair Butler because she is sometimes covered in the comics press, so her name was not a draw in getting me to buy this book.  Similarly, Kevin Mellon is an artist whose name I recognize, but I couldn't name another comic he's worked on.  Thirdly, I have no interest in mixed martial arts, wrestling, boxing, or any other sport that has grown men pummeling each other.

Still, I thought I'd give the first issue of this series a try, and I was interested enough in the story and career of Oren 'Rooster' Redmond to stick around and see this series through to the end.

Butler's story is one of ambition, drive, and finally, the recognition of one's limitations.  That this story plays out against the canvass of MMA is almost inconsequential.  Oren is an interesting character - he goes from being a bored office worker to a man obsessed with training in the first three issues, and this final one covers the end of his career, and the life that he builds for himself afterwards.  There's a level of self-awareness and drive in Oren that is rare in people, and I found it interesting to watch him have to reassess his dreams as age and the inevitable realization that someone is always younger and faster than you are crept up on him.  It's a well-written story, and is nicely complimented by Mellon's scratchy pencil work.  This will be a good read when it's collected in trade.

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