Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whispers #4

by Joshua Luna

Whispers is a really interesting, bizarre comic.  It's about a guy who develops the body to 'remote view', or project an astral form (to use a Marvel Comics explanation).  The guy has obsessive compulsive disorder, and great difficulty relating to the world around him.  He used his power to check in on people in his life, and became aware of a demonic entity inhabiting a man, causing him to do some pretty horrible things to small children.

In the last issue, he figures he can save an ex-girlfriend from a drug dealer who has been threatening her, and get rid of the serial killer at the same time, but this plan does not work as hoped in this issue.

To begin with, our man discovers that there are other demons working through people, including a guy who likes to lock up women in a tiled cell for weeks on end.  Also, the drug dealer figures out that he's involved in his downfall, and comes looking for him.

This is a pretty unique horror comic.  I don't have a good feeling for where Joshua Luna is taking the story, and that's probably the thing I like the most about it.  He's spent a lot of time building up this main character, and now he's landing him right in the middle of some very strange things.  His art, without any contribution from his brother, continues to surprise me, in the way that it can take a while to get used to someone you know well when they wear a new hairstyle.  I do wish this book would fix its scheduling issues though, as it's running pretty late, especially considering that it's a bi-monthly book to begin with.  Still, this is a very good series; I hope that enough people are checking it out.

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