Thursday, November 29, 2012

Planetoid #4

by Ken Garing

Planetoid came out of nowhere a few months ago - an interesting science fiction mini-series by a creator who I'd never heard of before - and it caught me up right away in its bleak tale of a human crash survivor who finds himself on a barren post-industrial wasteland of a planet.

The first three issues really stood out in terms of the quality of their art, and the strength of Garing's story.  There was a bit of a pause between the third and the fourth issue, but I'm happy to see that this series is back, and moving forward as strongly as before.

Our hero, Silas, discovers a small space-worthy vessel in the hold of the large crashed ship he's been trying to rebuild along with the community of scavengers he's drawn to himself.  Before he can test it out, he receives word of a fresh crash, and decides to go investigate it personally.

He ends up in the hands of the Ono Mao, the alien race who claim the territory that the Planetoid the story is set on is in.  Silas is, of course, wanted by the Ono Mao for the actions that led him to the Planetoid in the first place, and his interaction with these creatures is pretty interesting, as are his actions after that.

Planetoid is definitely a strange series - it doesn't follow the usual pattern of events in stories like this, and that is why I'm enjoying it so much.  Garing is a terrific writer and artist, and I look forward to following his career.

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