Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mind MGMT #0

by Matt Kindt

I live in such ignorance of digital comics that I had no idea that Matt Kindt had posted the three stories, collected in this zero issue, on-line before (or around the time) Mind MGMT started.  Thankfully, Dark Horse recognizes how many of us dinosaurs there are out there happily buying paper comics, and so they still collect this digital material into real comic books.  (This is probably a good place to point out that, with the cheaper newsprint used in this comic, this issue smells really, really good - like a comic book is supposed to.  I feel old right now).

Anyway, the three stories here cover different moments in the history of the Mind Management organization.  The first one has Meru, the investigative true crime writer and hero of the series, interviewing a woman who knows about the company, having been involved with a Russian sleeper agent who works for that country's counterpart to Mind Management.

The second story concerns Meru's first book, wherein she tracked down and exposed one of the world's most successful serial killers.  He too has a connection to the shadowy organization that drives this comic (and the world?).

The final story has Meru interviewing another man, who claims to be over 140 years old, and who was, for many years, an agent of...  (I'm sure you can guess it).

Taken as a whole, these stories do provide a little more insight into what this group really does, and it also gives Kindt the opportunity to entice a new reader to come on-board what has become one of my favourite new series of 2012.  Mind MGMT is a great read for anyone who loves spy comics, or just likes solving complex puzzles.  Kindt is working on many levels with this comic, and also filling it with his lovely, unique art.

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