Friday, November 23, 2012

Glory #30

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Roman Muradov and Ross Campbell

I love it when a comic throws you an unexpected curve.  Since relaunching this book, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell have delivered an excellent set of issues that have an aging and diminished Glory preparing to fight against her father's other-dimensional army of monsters.  This issue, however, opens with a story involving Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Pablo Picasso.

The first three pages of this issue feature Jim, Glory's old friend, recounting the tale from her days in Paris in the 20s.  These pages are drawn by Roman Muradov, in a simplified, cartoonish style.  After that, we're back to the usual stuff, but the whole thing was very effective at changing the tone of the book, and illustrating just how long this character has been on Earth.

The rest of the issue involves Glory's effort to recruit her sister, Nanaja, to help her in her battle with their father.  Since Glory and Nanaja don't get along, this means they have to fight first, as people always have to in comics.  Ross Campbell doesn't hold back in the fight scenes, which are vicious to a degree rarely seen in comics not published by Avatar Press.  It's pretty gruesome.

Later, there are a couple more surprises in store for the reader, and ultimately Glory, as the series continues to move towards a huge family confrontation.  It's great stuff, and Campbell's art is looking better than ever.

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