Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Unwritten #42

by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

I've felt that The Unwritten has been floundering a little of late, and while this issue looks backwards more than it does forward, I find that my enjoyment of the series has not diminished because of this lack of momentum.

I think what's making this book work so well right now is the addition to the cast of Didge, the Australian police detective whose dyslexia saved her from Pullman's wooden hand, and consequently caused it to short out.

In this issue, Didge tells Tom that she met Lizzie Hexam when she was sent to the Leviathan, and that in turn sets Tom off on a quest to enter the story-world Hades and find her.  Doing this involves an old Australian novel about missing school-children, and a legend about whales (it always comes back to legends about whales with this comic).

Carey and Gross continue, month after month, to impress me with this series, although after Tom's latest foray into the world of fiction, I'm hoping that something is going to happen to move this series towards a final conclusion; I don't want it to become like Fables, and keep creaking along well past it's day.

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