Saturday, October 6, 2012


Written by Curt Pires
Art by Ramon Villalobos

I'm always up for an interesting, attractive self-published comic, so when I saw and flipped through this one-shot at the store I shop at this week, I figured it was worth bringing home.

LP is a comic about F, a rock star who owns a particular record.  It's not clear just what the record does for him, but when it gets stolen backstage during one of his shows, he feels the need to track it down and slaughter the people who have it.  He finds it at the right time too, because the drug dealers he owes money to want it for themselves.

This is not a particularly long comic, but it's pretty enjoyable.  Curt Pires develops F's character and world just enough to give the story a more textured feel than we would get in a shorter piece, but it's Ramon Villalobos who is the star of this show.  His art reminds me of Geof Darrow and Rafael Grampá, in that it's highly detailed and pretty crazy at the same time.

Apparently this book was available at Fan Expo this summer, but I missed it.  I'm glad I got a chance to catch up with it.

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