Saturday, October 20, 2012

Glory #29

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Ross Campbell

Having never read even a single issue of Rob Liefeld's original Glory series, I don't know if the recent addition to the cast of Glory's sister, Nanaja, involves resurrecting an older character, or if this is someone new to the title.  What I do know is that, despite being about seven feet tall and having a tail, Nanaja is basically Trilby, the character from Ross Campbell's excellent series Wet Moon.  She has Trilby's face, and her mouth, and her inclusion in this book has added a new layer of enjoyment for me.

After having fought off an incursion by her father's people, Glory and her friends pack up their weapons and head to Paris, with the idea that they will recruit Nanaja to aid in their cause.  First though, Glory has to stop off in a small town to visit her old friend Jim, who she fought with in the war.

This leads to a couple of discussions about the dangerous path Glory seems to be taking, and the threat she poses to her human friends Gloria and Riley.  Jim is clearly in love with Glory, but is also more aware of her dangerous nature than anyone else.  It also looks like her reunion with her sister won't be all that pleasant.

I've liked how Joe Keatinge has taken his time explaining all of the problems in this book, but I also feel like it may be time to pick up the pace a little.  Still, this is a refreshingly good comic, and I love Campbell's art.  No one draws women like him, especially gigantic, muscle-bound alien women.

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