Friday, October 26, 2012

Mind MGMT #6

by Matt Kindt

The first volume of Mind MGMT ends in a way that makes a lot of sense, as Meru's meeting with Henry Lyme continues to reveal some of the secrets of the Mind MGMT organization, and Meru's place in the world.

Matt Kindt is an incredible comics creator.  He's woven together a rich and dense story, and infused it with situations that are logical, if you accept that people with mind control powers really do run the world.  Meru is an interesting character, as much a puppet of this organization as are the Immortals, even though we are no longer really sure if it still exists or not.

Kindt is clearly having a lot of fun with this book.  He has built up a rich mythology, and has given himself a place to play with some of his wildest ideas.  The blue text running along the left side of each page discusses the existence of the Mind MGMT Field Guide this month; a collection of rules and tips for agents that exists in a virtual environment in their own minds, and which defies description, explanation, or transcription.

As always, Kindt's art is a bit of an acquired taste, but I don't think any other artist would be able to pull this book off the way he does.  Next month, we're being given a 'zero issue', a concept I usually don't like, but I look forward to seeing where Kindt takes this story next, as he transitions into his next big arc.

If you are not reading this comic, you really should be.

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