Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Li'l Depressed Boy #8

Written by S. Steven Struble
Art by Sina Grace

I'm wondering if it's not time to start switching to reading this book in trade.  I like The Li'l Depressed Boy, but I'm getting a little frustrated with how little actually happens in each issue of this comic.

Case in point:  this month, LDB and Drew make their way home from the concert they spent like 3 issues going to.  They have breakfast and car trouble, and talk a little bit about the Jazz situation (should LDB tell her how he feels, or just avoid her?).  LDB finds Jazz sitting on his step; they don't really say anything, and then he goes to bed.

While I continue to find this comic very charming and to have an allure of its own, I think I need a little more going on to keep me coming back month after month.

On the plus side, the Jamie McKelvie cover is lovely.

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