Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cyclops #8

Written by Matz
Art by Gaël de Meyere

I guess there aren't a lot of ways that this series could have ended - even in today's world, let alone the future, it is very difficult to go up against a corporation and get a favourable outcome.  Our hero, Douglas Pistoia and his friends have exposed Multicorps as war criminals, and are on the run when the issue opens.

This issue sags a little, as do many action movies as they get closer and closer to their conclusions; so much time has been spent setting up the big finale that it can't really live up to expectations.  This ending feels a little rushed in a few ways - we see Doug's wife's reaction to the big climax, but not how it affects all of his fans, nor the woman who was manipulating him earlier.  As a reader, I feel a little robbed of an emotional connection with the conclusion.

Still, this has been a very well-executed comic, which has a few things to say about the celebrity and realty TV-focused world we live in today.  The book lost some real steam when original artist Luc Jacamon left the book, and while Gaël de Meyere did a good job, he just wasn't as skilled.  I wonder, now that this is over, if Archaia is going to continue publishing Matz and Jacamon's The Killer.

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