Thursday, January 5, 2012

iZombie #21

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by J. Bone

I was pretty surprised to find that Michael Allred hadn't drawn this issue of iZombie, and that the art was instead provided by a talented artist from my hometown - J. Bone.  I've been familiar with Bone's work for years, but haven't read much of his output (I've stayed away from the DC 'all-ages' work that he is best known for).  I love the work that Allred does on this title, but also found the change of pace to be welcome.  This is the second issue of this series handled by a guest artist; I hope that everything is going okay for Mr. Allred, and that he's just taking a well-earned month or two off.

Anyway, this series definitely feels like it's moving towards a conclusion, as various long-running plotlines begin to converge even more than they have lately.  Gwen, our zombie protagonist, is in the custody of the Dead Presidents, and she surprises them by informing them that Galatea is active in the area.  This leads the Presidents to track her down, but not before coming face to face with Horatio and his group of monster killers from the Fossor Corporation, who also appear to be working with Amon.  As I said, plots are colliding all over the place.

There's more in this book too - Gwen tries to enjoy a brain smoothie, Ellie gets to dance, and Scott has a chat with a leopard.  Bone's art gives the story a lighter, more cartoon-ish atmosphere than Allred's work, and it doesn't always fit with the subject matter, but this is a fine looking comic.

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