Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Sixth Gun #12

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Brian Hurtt

The Sixth Gun is one of the best independent comics on the stands these days.  With this issue, the series embarks on its third story arc, 'Bound'.  In this issue, which is an excellent jumping-on point for new readers, the widow of General Hume, the main villain of the first arc, makes her reappearance.  She is trying to track down our heroes, Drake Sinclair and Becky Montcrief, who between them possess five of the six guns.  She has information that they are traveling by train, with the guns and with the remains of her husband.  She sends an agent to deal with them, and he reanimates a local gang of train robbers to do the job.

This issue is nicely balanced between the action sequences with the corpses attacking the train and some quieter scenes involving Sinclair, Becky, and the Sword of Abraham leader Brother Roberto.  We still don't know much about this organization of weapon-wielding priests who have such an interest in the guns, and I hope we learn more as this arc progresses.

As always, The Sixth Gun is a nice blend of Western and occult, with terrific art and strong characterizations.  As this is such a good place to jump onto the story, I suggest you give it a try if you aren't already reading it.

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