Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cyclops #5

Written by Matz
Art by Gaël de Meyere

I was disappointed to learn that Luc Jacamon had left this title.  I loved Jacamon's work on The Killer and the first half of Cyclops, and while Gaël de Meyere is a more than capable replacement, the book doesn't feel the same without Jacamon.  De Meyere does his best to maintain a consistent look to the visuals, but can't quite pull off the way shadows fall across his scenes with the same degree of realism and depth that has always stood out in Jacamon's comics.

Story-wise, it's nice to back into things.  I had almost forgotten about this title (this issue was supposed to come out in May), but that's not unusual with Archaia comics.  Reality TV star and soldier Douglas Pistoia finally gets the evidence he's been looking for - proof that his employers had manipulated him and lied about what he'd done back at the start of the series.  The question now is what to do with this knowledge.

This is a solid science fiction series which makes some interesting commentary on how we've viewed America's recent wars and military actions.  I hope that Archaia doesn't take too long in pumping out the last three issues...

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