Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fables #107

Written by Billl Willingham
Art by Terry Moore

It's been a while since we've checked in on Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty, who is still doing her duty to Fabletown, and you know, sleeping in the Imperial City.  Since we last visited that city, a variety of new pretenders to the throne have been setting up camp outside of it.

One, Mirant, has been consolidating power, and has been elevating many men to the position of king of as-yet unconquered realms, so that their handsome sons can become princes.  He then marches them past Briar Rose and they each get one kiss, in the hopes that he can manufacture the true love needed to break the spell.

Of course, other factions have other ideas, and it quickly becomes clear that we will have to come back to Briar Rose's story another day.  And therein lies the strength of Fables after such a long run - even when major plot lines get resolved, there is always something else to look in on.

This issue is drawn by Terry Moore, and he's a very nice addition to the list of artists who have worked on this book.  He draws in a very clean style, and it's nice to see his work in colour for a change.

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