Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wasteland #30

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Christopher Mitten and Remington Veteto

Well, it's only been seven months since the last issue of Wasteland, which used to be just about the most reliable independent book I bought, showed up on the stands, so I suppose I can be forgiven for being a little bit lost here.

For the last four or five issues, the series has been focusing on a particular character, and showing us their perspectives on a string of events, taking place over almost a year of story time (and so much more in real time).  This issue focuses on Golden Voice, the Sun Singer who has been leading the Sunners' Rebellion over the last few issues.  It's a good issue, as it shows us the progression of this pacifist into increasingly violent tactics.  As the issue comes to its close, it looks like Goldie is going to reveal one of the secrets that has had me intrigued since the series began, but that looks like it will happen next issue (hopefully that will happen this year - no other issues have been solicited).

The issue continues to feature Christopher Mitten's layouts, although I thought that was not going to happen any more.  New artist Remington Veteto, who was supposed to be getting the series back on track, does a decent job, although his line work is much more solid (and occasionally more stiff) than Mitten's.

There is no text piece explaining what is going on with this book, but there is another very interesting Ankya Ofsteen travelogue piece, which stands out because it discusses the colour of the sky in the Wasteland world, something I've given no thought to before, as the book is black and white.

Here's hoping we'll see another issue of this comic by the summer.

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