Friday, October 12, 2012

Punk Rock Jesus #4

by Sean Murphy

When starting to read Sean Murphy's series Punk Rock Jesus, I hoped to see the scenes that are in this issue.  This series has followed the birth and early childhood of Chris, the clone of Jesus Christ, who has spent his entire life as the star of J2, a reality TV show.

In the last issue, Chris's mother was fired from the show, and at the beginning of this one, she returns to the J2 complex with armed men supplied by the New American Christians.  This attack ends in Gwen's death, the firing or Thomas the chief of security, and Chris's utter disenchantment with his upbringing.  He begins a secret tutelage in history, philosophy, and punk music, which leads to his ultimate act of rebellion at a public appearance.

It's rare that I find myself actively rooting for a character while I read a comic, while smiling throughout an issue.  Chris echoes many of my own thoughts and beliefs, as he moves from being a meek and shy child into a raging, aggressive teenager who fronts a punk band.  Thomas, meanwhile, reconnects with his own roots in Ireland.

This has been a great series, and with two issues left to go, I can't wait to see where Sean Murphy takes us.  I can see how some people (really, mostly Americans that are thinking about voting for Romney), will be upset by this comic, and I kind of wish Fox News would run a story or two about how awful it is, because I want Murphy to experience some of the amazing sales that religious notoriety can bring.

Murphy has always impressed me as an artist, but this series is making clear that the man can write with the best of them.  He took his time setting up the storyline and characters, and is casually working in references to what the near-future offers, such as a large, abandoned flood zone in lower Manhattan.  This is a great series.

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