Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Planetoid #5

by Ken Garing

Planetoid started a while ago, at the vanguard of a new resurgence in serious, high-quality science fiction comics coming out of Image, like Storm Dogs and Prophet.  Planetoid stood out from the beginning for its very good, and because creator Ken Garing is basically an unknown quantity.

This series has told the story of a man, Silas, who has found himself stranded on a small planetoid that is almost completely covered with the remains of technology.  The planetoid had once hosted a mining operation, but the area of space it is in fell under control of the Ono Mao, a very ugly race of beings that are in conflict with humans.  Due to some gravitational thing, it is impossible to leave the planetoid, which is patrolled by vicious AIs that work for the Ono Mao.

Over the course of the series, Silas has met, and become the leader of a growing group of humans who are determined to stand up to their enemy, and try to carve out a better life for themselves.  Some of my favourite parts of this story dealt with the refugees finding ways to produce their own food, instead of always having to scavenge, or showed them learning how to work together.

This issue finishes off the storyline quite nicely.  A large group of AI are sent to attack the settlement, and Silas, having just escaped Ono Mao custody, arrives just in time for the final conflict.  When things go poorly, he has to decide between escaping, or sticking with his new friends.

As I said before, Garing's art is terrific, and I really enjoyed the way he's structured this series.  The ending is satisfying, and I hope to see some more comics from him soon.

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