Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nowhere Men #4

Written by Eric Stephenson
Art by Nate Bellegarde

Nowhere Men is one of the most interesting comics being published right now.  Writer (and Image publisher) Eric Stephenson explained this series before it began as "Science is the new rock and roll", and it's been interesting to see how that has played out.  Ostensibly, the series is centred on four guys who were, at one time, the Beatles of science, but the book is set in the present day, and these guys are missing, presumed dead, reclusive, or comatose.

The scenes involving the original World Corp. scientists are a little disjointed, as we are are left to fill in the blanks about what has happened between them, although this issue gives us a lot more information about them.

It's been easier to follow the storyline about a group of scientists who were abandoned on a World Corp. space station after coming down with a strange disease.  Many of them teleported to Earth, and are showing increased signs of metamorphosis caused by the illness.  One of them has become a gigantic red creature, while another more or less turns to gas in this issue.  For others, the transformation hasn't been revealed yet.

I'm clueless in terms of where this series is going, and that's why I'm so interested by it.  Stephenson is allowing his characters to carry the book's momentum for the most part, especially in the scenes involving Ellis and Strange, and each new issue has me more curious about where it's all going.

This is a book worth checking out.

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