Thursday, August 30, 2012

The New Deadwardians #6

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by INJ Culbard

Things take a few different turns in the latest issue of The New Deadwardians.  Inspector Suttle comes up with a theory about his case (involving the murder of a vampire - something previously not believed possible) that I didn't see coming, and also engages himself in a manner he hasn't in some fifty years when his prostitute friend comes around with some new information.

The New Deadwardians is set in a remarkably well-realized world where most upper-class Londoners have become vampires, and where areas outside of their control are subject to zombie attacks.
The murder victim is a Lord of some importance, and Suttle keeps coming across evidence of a secret society's involvement in everything that is going on.

This leads to his having an interesting conversation with a Mr. Salt, a poet who was known to associate with Lord Hinchcliffe.  Salt discusses some numerology, the likes of which always loses me, and leads Suttle into some trouble.

As with the previous issues, Abnett is crafting a very good story, and it is being masterfully illustrated by Culbard.  This is a very good series.

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