Saturday, August 4, 2012

Myriad of Now

by Hawthorne Headhunters

I've had Myriad of Now in pretty heavy rotation for the last few months.  It's a collaboration between Black Spade and Coultrain, and it runs the gamut of beat-driven, heavy hip-hop, lighter sung and rapped songs, and some very nice instrumental tracks.

Black Spade is an artist I'd admired since I first came across his work on Nicolay's first album, and Coultrain is someone I've always been aware of from a number of Waajeed's Bling 47 projects.  They compliment each other perfectly on this album.

Much of the production is handled by Black Spade (in his guise as Stoney Rock), and by I, Ced (who I'll admit I've never heard of).  There is also a track by Dam Funk, but unlike a lot of the stuff he does for Stones Throw, I actually like this.

Stand-out tracks include 'Sum People Don't Change', which opens the album, 'If U Were My Baby', 'Yellow Cougar', 'No Cryin' Now, No Lyin Down', 'Fairweather', which features Von Pea and Haz Solo, and 'Hole in the World'.

This album is highly recommended.

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