Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strangers In Paradise Pocket Book 6

by Terry Moore

While I was reading the fourth and fifth books of the Pocket Book versions of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise (these nice, chunky editions are the way to read this series), I found myself getting a little bored, as I feared that the series was getting repetitive.  The sixth volume though, is excellent.

This book contains the last fourteen issues of the comic, and Moore used all fourteen issues to wrap the series up in an emotional and satisfying manner.  He resolves the long-running 'will they or won't they' question of Francine and Katchoo's relationship.  Also resolved is the love triangle involving David, Katchoo, and Casey, in a very emotional section of the book.

Often with long running, character-driven series, it's hard to say good-bye to characters that a reader has come to feel a lot of affection for.  I can understand why Moore went for a (mostly) happy ending, and I appreciate it.  The characters that make up the cast of this series are some very lovable people, and it's nice to see them all get a chance to shine and show their better nature.  Even Freddie Femur, the bumbling lawyer and misogynist freak gets a chance to demonstrate maturity and kindness.  Tambi, the amazon warrior demonstrates a softer side as well, and Casey becomes a very likeable character over the course of the book. 

Reading this volume on its own is impossible, so I would strongly recommend checking out this series from the beginning.  Getting through the two volumes that drag a little is worth it when you come to this volume.

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