Sunday, May 12, 2013

Post York #1

by James Romberger

I have long had a thing for post-collapse comics, so was immediately drawn to James Romberger's oversized comic Post York, which is set in a New York that has been drowned by rising water levels.

This is mostly a silent comic, and much is left to the reader to determine.  Some guy is out foraging through the city.  He finds a collapsing movie theatre with a pier outside it, so he ties up, and goes in to see what he can find.  While pilfering some cans of cat food, he is attacked by the person who lives there, and at that point, the story splits into two possible threads.

In the second, everyone survives, and later the guy discovers a whale trapped among the lower levels of the building he lives in.

This comic is more about atmosphere than it is character, but I really like how Romberger sets things up.  He makes good use of the large pages, spacing out his panels so that there is often a lot of space between them, which is evocative of the empty city.

The comic comes with a flexi-disc record, but as I don't have a record paper and am loath to tear my books apart, I have no idea what that sounds like.

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James said...

You don't have to rip the book up or have a turntable; just go to and download the song for free