Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mind MGMT #11

by Matt Kindt

Individual issues of Mind MGMT feel like the lightest, most insubstantial thing on the comics racks (mostly because of the light newsprint used to print it), but it's in fact the densest, most rewarding comic being published.

This issue has Meru, our point of view character, interviewing Duncan, the former Mind MGMT agent who can predict the future and can kill people by putting his finger to their forehead.  Meru wants to know why Duncan is refusing to help Henry Lyme and his friends travel to Shangri-La, the base of Mind MGMT.  She is given most of Duncan's history, including his predictions of doom around the way the organization was using its agents.  We also get our first glimpse of The Eraser, the agent who has wiped the minds of al other agents, and who is now trying to put the group back together.

After this, Meru and her group successfully travel to Shangri-La, attempting to find the list of all other former agents and their locations.  Of course, they aren't alone.

While all of this is going on, we also, in the vertical text pieces that run along the side of each page, get to read more of Meru's book, and see what the Mind MGMT Manual has to say about the approach to Shangri-La.  Most significantly, the Case File at the back of the book contains a surprise that I really did not see coming.

Matt Kindt continues to cover almost every page with fresh and crazy ideas, while still moving his story forward.  This book never stops amazing me.

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