Sunday, February 17, 2013

Change #3

Written by Ales Kot
Art by Morgan Jeske

I'm going to be perfectly honest about the fact that I no longer have a clue what is going on in this book.  The first issue felt more or less straight-forward - the series was about a rapper who wants to be a movie producer, the unhappy screenwriter he can't get along with, and a weird cult that wants to kill or recruit them.  Also, there was an astronaut returning to Earth, and something big that he saw floating in the ocean.

The second issue made things a little more murky, as a great deal of space was given over to flashbacks concerning the astronaut's childhood.  Now though, things have moved into the realm of the utterly incomprehensible.  Any given page of this comic is readable and easy enough to understand, but the gestalt of all of these pages being put together makes this comic incredibly confusing.

All the same, I'm enjoying this book.  Kot is clearly a new and unique voice in comics, with little interest in telling linear stories.  It was announced this week that he is going to be taking over the DC title Suicide Squad, which I think is going to be very bizarre - nothing I've read in Change suggests that Kot is the right kind of writer for a company known for editorial interference and storylines that maintain the status quo.  That said, after reading the first few issues of Casanova, I wouldn't have thought that Matt Fraction would be the right person to write Iron Man, and that turned out quite well...

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