Thursday, July 5, 2012

iZombie #27

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Michael Allred

It's the penultimate issue of iZombie, and Chris Roberson manages to have every single character that has had any kind of importance to the series all converge at the same spot in downtown Eugene.  This is kind of nice for Gwen - she gets to reunite with the family she hasn't seen since she died, and she gets the news that her brother is dating her friend Spot, the wereterrier.

The only problem is that Xitulu, an ancient Lovecraftian tentacle god thing has also come through to our reality, and the only way it can be stopped would be if Gwen absorbs the souls of every person in Eugene (including her family and friends), and feeds them to the elder god.  As you can imagine, she has some decisions to make.

iZombie has been an interesting read throughout its short lifespan.  Chris Roberson built a clear and believable explanation for monsters and other revenants, and then populated the series with a pile of young hipster-ish characters that are all connected to this larger Apocalyptic story.  Getting Michael Allred to draw was a stroke of genius.  Now we are in the position of watching all of the different pieces of this story come together, and hopefully, will be given a nice satisfactory ending next month.

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