Thursday, July 19, 2012

Glory #28

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Ross Campbell

For the second month in a row, Glory is all action, and it is handled remarkably well.  Glory's father's army has attacked her home on a remote French island, with the purpose of abducting (or rescuing, depending on who you ask) young Riley.  As the issue opens, one of the creatures is trying to convince her to come with them, when he is suddenly split in half by a giant cat that shoots lasers from his eyes.  Because that's how this comic works.

The cat is Glory's pet, and this is the first we've seen of it.  Glory's crew takes advantage of a lull in the action to gear up, before wading into the fight with the rest of their enemies.

Ross Campbell does some very cool work on this issue.  His monsters are endlessly inventive and strange, and the action scenes are very kinetic.  He also tips his hat to this character's heritage as a Rob Liefeld property when he has Gloria (one of Glory's friends) pick up a large Liefeldian gun labelled BFG 10K.  It shouldn't take a lot of work to figure out what those letters stand for. 

I've really enjoyed this series since its relaunch, and am finding myself more and more intrigued with each new issue.  At the end of this one, a new character from Glory's family is introduced, and I look forward to finding out more about her.

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