Saturday, June 22, 2013

Foul Pus From Dead Dogs

by Crad Kilodney

When Mary Brown, the Chairman of the Ontario Film Censor Board arrives at work one day, she discovers the particularly gruesome, decaying corpse of a dog sitting on the front steps.  Later, Mary suffers from the sudden appearance of a painful, pus-filled boil that bursts and heals quickly.  This affliction begins to affect everyone who works at the Board, and Kilodney does not shy away from details in this forty-page book that he self-published back in 1986.

This is not a typical Kilodney story, because of its length, and also the greater depth of detail which he entertains throughout.  He takes his time and reveals that the people tasked with protecting the people of Ontario from film filth are mostly pretty twisted themselves.  Mary likes to imagine herself in Biblical scenes of a sexual nature, while one of her colleagues likes to spy on the residents of an exclusive boarding school for girls.

Kilodney's point is pretty obvious, but it's still a pretty entertaining story, if one can see past all the pus.

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